Can Precum Get a Girl Pregnant? That is the most question that asks by the couple has been making love and wondering his girlfriend be pregnant.

Men must have been wondering about the liquid that came out before ejaculation or precum liquid. This liquid that comes out is not much, in contrast to the liquid that comes out when ejaculation occurs. Then does this liquid contain sperm? If the liquid contains sperm, can pregnancy occur? Let’s see the explanation.

The precum liquid is a liquid of the urethra that is clear and odorless, produced by the Cowper glands, with a composition similar to that of semen. There may be a minimal amount of sperm, and may not contain sperm. Precum may appear at the beginning of intercourse, during foreplay, during masturbation, when erect, or shortly before ejaculation. It is not certain whether the precum liquid will contain sperm or not. There is also no particular moment where the precum liquid does not contain sperm. Therefore, pregnancy can still occur if the precum liquid containing the sperm enters the vagina and fertilizes the egg cell, although it is less likely. The precum liquid is believed to function to remove the urethral tract so that it is not very acidic so that the sperm can pass through the channel correctly. Sperm is very sensitive to the acidic environment, can be dead or damaged under the acid conditions. The vagina is also an acidic environment, therefore the precum liquid can reduce, neutralize the vaginal environment and the sperm can pass into the womb.

Can Precum Get a Girl Pregnant

Can Precum Get a Girl Pregnant

The lubricating liquid in men, usually ejected before ejaculation, is called the precum liquid. Aside from being a lubricant, this liquid is believed to be useful for neutralizing uric acid and vaginal tract properties, so that sperm that will come out when ejaculation does not die in the acid environment. This precum liquid may contain sperm, although, in small amounts, this liquid may also not contain sperm. We can not know for sure when sperm is present or not. Therefore, precum liquid may cause pregnancy if it is in the vagina, or around the vagina.

What is Precum Liquid?

Many suspects that the precum liquid is similar to the semen released during ejaculation. The precum liquid comes from the Cowper gland – a tiny gland located at the base of the penis. The function of this liquid is to lubricate the urethra so that it makes it easier for the semen to flow out.

“Making love” stimulation triggers this liquid out. Each man has a different liquid capacity of precum. There is a lot of liquid before ejaculation occurs, some are not at all discharge liquid during intercourse. For those of you who do not remove any liquid before ejaculation, calm down first, maybe the amount of liquid produced Cowper gland is not much.

Does Precum Liquid Contain Sperm?

In fact, unlike the precum liquid, the sperm is produced by the testes. Thus, the liquid of precum and sperm comes from two different parts of the penis. We also immediately assume that the liquid is free from sperm. Is it true?

Apparently, based on a study involving 27 people, quoted from NCBI, found 10 out of 27 people have sperm in their pre-cum liquid. Several remaining samples were not found in their ejaculatory liquid sperm.

However, the liquid released before ejaculation is quite small, about 4 ml, the sperm contained in the liquid is also quite small. While in the semen that comes out during ejaculation, sperm is very abundant in it. On average, every man has the same sperm concentration in the precum liquid. But why do not all men remove precum liquid containing sperm?

You see, everyone’s body condition is different. The liquid before ejaculation in every man is affected by the food and medication he consumes. Of course, when a person is in an individual treatment, the sperm concentration in the pre-ejaculatory liquid will be lessened. This condition can also be associated with fertility rates.

But calm down, you can not immediately assume that the absence of sperm in the wet precum means the man is not fertile. Again, it is worth exploring some of the trigger factors.

Can Precum Get a Girl Pregnant?

Well, this is the anticipated question. The sperm that is contained in the wet precum is a bit, but the researchers also advise always to wear condoms during “making love”. Researchers also did not conclude that the discovery of the sperm increases the risk of pregnancy, not necessarily you are free from the risk of gestation due to liquid precum. You and your partner do not know whether the liquid contains sperm or not.

Pregnancy can occur when the sperm is in or around the vaginal opening. We do not know exactly which sperm managed to fertilize the egg. For that, safe “making love” should still be done. Plus, men do not always know when they will ejaculate, although some of them managed to pull out the penis before ejaculation occurs.

Can Precum Transmit Venereal Disease?

But pulling the penis before ejaculation remains a risky “making love”. Not just pregnancy. “Making love” transmitted diseases can also spread through this precum liquid. You may assume only a large amount of semen can cause pregnancy and the spread of “making love” transmitted infections.

As mentioned above, the liquid is produced by the Cowper gland. For example in the case of gonorrhea. This disease attacks the urethra and organs that help human reproduction. Bacteria and viruses can infect the Cowper glands, so it is very possible that bacteria and viruses spread during oral. Yes, bacteria can move even without ejaculation.

Cowper glands are especially susceptible to bacterial infections, in which bacteria can survive on the gland for a long time. Not only gonorrhea alone, but HIV can also be transmitted through pre-cum liquid. Researchers on a small scale found that HIV was found in pre-ejaculatory liquids. This is why you still need safe “making love”.


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